Is farming a tough job for you? We’ve got you covered.

Our seed kit and plant kit is all you need for a better living.

A little space on your balcony or rooftop is all it needs.

What if you are the change the world is talking about? What if you become a part of a revolution? You just need to start, rest the world will follow. Be an example for the future to look upon.

Sow your way to greenery

A kit and a little space, consider your garden set.

Seedkit comprises a seed tray, grow bag/pot, fertilizers and nutrients. A few people don't care to pause, and for those, we have our ‘plant kit’. A plant kit comes with fully grown plants where all you're bound to do is to water them on time and feed them with appropriate nutrients.

Both the kits are available in small, medium and large sizes.

From curry leaves to cauliflower anything and everything you need is a pluck away from your vegetable garden.

We deliver with free installation

Our executives ensure the complete installation of your seeds with proper instructions across kochi.
We also offer free telephonic consultations for any further queries/doubts.

A new hobby for children

Let farming be a newly found hobby for you and your children. Let the future be closer to nature. Encourage kids farming.