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13:0:45 1kg (Water Soluble NPK)

230.00 220.00

13:0:45 NPK can be used on all kinds of crops as an effective plant nutrient. It is an ideal source of nitrogen and potassium required for plant nutrition. It increases crop yield and quality in vegetables, fruits and field crops. In addition, 13:0:45 helps in overall plant development and regular functioning of plant tissues.


AniMeal – Organic Manure – 2Kg

94.00 90.00

AniMeal is a mixture of concentrated organic manure essential for horticultural and agricultural crops. It enhances microbial activity and aeration of soil. Animeal is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic plant food and soil conditioner as it contains water-soluble nutrients.


Azolin P (Azospirillum) 500gm -Nitrogen fixing bacteria based bio-fertilizer

55.00 52.00

Symbion N is a bio-fertilizer based on nitrogen fixing bacteria. It helps plants in the intake of atmospheric nitrogen that is essential in the healthy growth of crops. It aids in reducing the amount of usage of synthetic fertilizer. Symbion N helps in improving plant vigour and soil health. It enhances root propagation by releasing growth promoting hormones.


Banana Microfood 1kg – micronutrient fertilizer

105.00 102.00

Banana Microfood is a micronutrient fertilizer mixture recommended for soil application. It consists of zinc, magnesium, manganese and boron in adequate quantities that help in healthy growth of plants and fruits.  It increases the vegetative growth of plants and enhances flowering.

Dosage: Apply 50gm per plant as second and third fertilizer application.


Bonemeal – 2kg

220.00 215.00

Bone Meal is used as an organic plant food to provide the crops a good amount of phosphorous. Phosphorus helps plants grow and photosynthesize effectively. It is basically used as a source of phosphorus and protein.  Bone Meal contains NPK (Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium) in the ratio 4:12:0. Our coarsely ground Bone Meal is used to enrich spring-blooming bulbs, vegetable gardens and lawns.


Boronol Soluble Micro nutrient – 200gm

100.00 95.00

Boronol is a fully soluble micro nutrient that helps in crop protection. It is an effective plant food that identifies boron deficiency in crops


Calcium Nitrate – 1Kg

190.00 180.00

Calcium Nitrate is a water soluble plant nutrient that helps in reducing calcium deficiency in the soil.


Calcium Nitrate CN 15.5-00-00-19 – 1Kg

120.00 105.00


  • 100% water soluble fertilizer.
  • It consists of Nitrogen in Nitrate form and Calcium which are essential for plant growth as well and helps in cell wall creation, prevents anti-cracking of fruits and vegetables, prevents the spoiling of fruit and helps in avoiding genetic problems in the plant.
  • Healthy growth of crops and reduced deficiencies in the crops.
  • Overall health and resistance of the plant in improved.
  • Induces resistance against drought, pests and diseases.
  • Improves the quality and quantity of the yield.

Recommended crops:
All crops
3-5 gm per litre of water
Used in Fertigation (Drip) and as a Foliar spray


Coirpith Compost – 2kg

220.00 210.00

Coirpith Compost is an ideal potting mix for the growth of plants. It is also known as coir fibre pith and coir dust. This stores and releases nutrients to roots, thus enhancing plant growth. It retains moisture as it is made of composted coir fibre and coconut husks. Our special quality Coirpith Compost has low Electrical Conductivity (EC<1) and pH value between 5.5 to 6.7, ideal for germination of seeds.


  • 100% Organic
  • Better yield
  • Enhances healthy root system
  • Reduces temperature of the soil

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