Abtec Bio-Potash 100 ml

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Abtec Bio-Potash is a bio fertilizer based on a selective strain of potash mobilizing bacteria, which mobilizes the unavailable potassium (potash) present in soil into plant utilisable form. Abtec Bio-Potash is available in both liquid and wettable powder formulation.


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Dosage and method of application.

Abtec Bio-Potash is mainly used for direct soil application. It can be used for seed treatment also. Apply in wet soil as basal dose along with organic manure and refresh it periodically along with organic manure. The normal dosage of Abtec Bio-Potash is 10ml/L per plant.

Seed treatment: For seeds mix 10 ml Abte Bio-potash / kg of seeds. Seedlings or planting setts can be dipped for 30 min @ 250 - 500 ml per 50 to 60 litre water before planting. After each treatment allow the seed / seedling / sett to dry in shade for 30 minutes before planting.

Broadcasting / Soil Application:Soil application @ 2 - 3 litre after mixing with 250 to 375 kg / hectare of Farm Yard Manure (FYM). For fruit trees and vines directly apply at root zone early in season @ 10 to 20 ml / litre of water.

Drip Irrigation:  In places where drip irrigation system is in practice the liquid formulation of Abtec Bio-Potash can be used @ 5 L/ha in 500 litres of water.


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