Abtec Metarhizium 100ml

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Abtec Metarhizium is very effective against insects particularly root grubs, beetles, weevils, bugs and termites.

Abtec Metarhizium contains the spores and mycelial fragments of an entomopathogenic fungus called Metarhizium anisopliaecapable of attacking target insects particularly root grubs, beetles, weevils and termites. Abtec Metarhizium is available in both wettable powder and liquid formulation.



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Dosage and method of application.

Foliar Spray: Mix 5ml Abtec Metarhizium in 1 litre of water per hectare and spray on the foliage during evening hours. Use the spray solution for lawns.

Drip Irrigation: Abtec Metarhizium can be mixed @ 5ml /litre of water. After filtering it can be incorporated into the soil through the drip irrigation system during the pre or post-planting stage. Apply preferably in the early morning or during the late evening hours.

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