Abtec Paecilomyces 250gm

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Abtec Paecilomyces is a soil-dwelling nematopathogenic fungus. They attack both the egg masses and cysts of the nematodes. Abtec Paecilomyces is available in wettable powder and liquid formulation. 


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Abtec Paecilomyces is highly active on plant root nematodes, including root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne sp.) of jasmine, potato, tomato, chillies, brinjal, ladies finger, cowpea, cardamom, pepper and cyst nematodes (Geterodera sp. and Globodera sp.) of rice and lesion nematodes of coconut, arecanut, banana, pepper etc.

Dosage and method of application.

Use only for soil application. Normal dosage is 20 g per plant. Application twice a year give better results.

Soil Application: Mix 3 - 5 kg. Abtec Paecilomyces with 200 kg organic manure. Add enough water and again mix well to get 30% moisture. Apply in moist soil before planting or at the base of the plants after planting.

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