Albata-Royal Super Grow 1000ml

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Royal Super Grow is a liquid bio stimulant formulated to encourage strong vegetative growth, improved fruit-set, and ripening of fruits. It provides the macro elements that plants demand throughout their life cycle. Through chelation, Royal Super Grow is readily available to plants and thereby encourages strong and vigorous growth.

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Royal Super Grow is a complete liquid bio stimulant meant for providing the macro and micronutrients to crops which attributes to vigorous vegetative growth, synthesis of carbohydrate and plays an important role in respiration, ATP synthesis, the degradation of carbohydrates, and protein synthesis.


Mix the required amount of Royal Super Grow in water with sufficient agitation to maintain a uniform suspension in the spray or mixing tank. Tank should be cleaned prior to use. Do not use highly alkaline or highly acidic water to mix sprays. Use a buffering agent if necessary to maintain neutrality (pH 6 to 8) of water in the tank. Maintain agitation during application.

Apply immediately after mixing; do not allowspray mix to stand overnight

The best time to spray is late in the afternoon or in the early dawn, when temperatures are mild and wind is minimal. When wind is minimal, finely atomized sprays drift readily. This is most desirable. Absorption is further enhanced when weather conditions are humid and moist. The presence of dew on leaves facilitates foliar feeding. Absorption is maximized when the spray coats the underside of leaves where the majority of the stomata are located.

It is best not to use this method when it is windy and dry. When the air temperature reaches or exceeds 27°C, absorption is very poor, because plant stomata are closed. Avoid spraying during the height of solar indexing (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM) to avoid burning the leaves

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