Elegant Gift Box (Loose Leaf - Black tea & Green tea)

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The premium selection of Tea that makes for the best gift ever

2 Items Gift Box 100gms (Black tea 50gms + Green tea 50gms)

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Black - Beautifully crafted large and tightly rolled long strands of delicate leaf with a strong malty liquor.
Usage (brewing) recommendations: 2.0 gm/1.5 heaped tsp of leaf/serving.  Top up with water at first boil (100 Deg C).  Steep for 5 minutes. 50 cups
Green -  Long wiry strands of the softest leaves and buds. A liquor with a sweet intensity.
Usage (brewing) recommendations: 1.50 gm/1 heaped tsp of leaf/serving. Top up with water at 90 Deg C. Steep for 3 minutes. 65 cups
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