GOLI SODA Reusable Bamboo Straws Combo (Pack of 12)

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100% Organic, Free From Bpa And Harmful Chemicals As In Plastic Ones.Hygienic And Mouth Friendly.Completely Vegan: Made Of Pure Bamboo-Wood, No Animals Or Their By-Products Are Used, Bio-Degradable: Efficient Use Of Environmental Resources. Eco-Friendly , Non-Polluting, Reusable, Sturdy And Economical:Carry With You - Just Wash With Warm Water , Use For Months

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Bamboo Straws Are Purely Natural With The Goodness Of Bamboo-Wood. When We Use Bamboo Straws Instead Of Plastic Ones, We Intake Natural Minerals With The Drinks We Have. Using Plastic Straws May Infect Our Beverages With The Chemicals They Are Made Of. Bamboo-Wood Is Bio-Degradable And Goes Back To The Earth From Where It Is Born. Straws Made Of It Are Reusable And Economic At The Same Time. Straws Help In Maintaining Hygiene At Its Best. By Using Them, We Stay Protected From Used Utensils At Public Places, Hence From Germs And Bacteria. It Is Advised To Keep One 1With Yourself When Dining Out. They Can Be Used For Months. Just Wash Them Every Time Before And After Use. They Are Sterilizable In Warm Water.

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