Grocare (VAM) biocrop-growth enhancer - 1Kg

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Grocare Vesicular-arbuscular Mycorrhiza is a biocrop-growth enhancer. It improves soil structure and texture.


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Grocare increases utilisation of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, and micronutrients such as zinc, copper, iron and manganese. Grocare aids in better absorption of moisture and helps crops resist water-stressed conditions. It promotes plant growth hormones causing enhanced growth of plants. It protects crops from soil-borne pathogens.

Method of Application:

  • Mix 8-10 kgs of Grocare per acre for crops like cotton, paddy, wheat, sugarcane, chilly, mustard, onion, vegetables and horticultural crops.
  • For Nursery, 5-10gms per plant to the nursery bed before sowing.
  • For plantation crops, fruits, flowers, 50-100gms per plant.
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