Jain J-Loc-Emitter 15 liter per hour (set of 20)

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  • Simple Two Piece Take Apart Construction to facilitate ease of maintenance.


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  • Facilitates Horizontal, as well as Vertical Installation of Emitter Unique design, allows installing emitter in any direction. The vertical installation used for nursery application near the saplings/pots. Horizontal installation facilitates easy retrieval of tubing and can be used for closely spaced crops.
  • No Environmental and Chemical Effects UV stabilized does not have any environmental effects. Resistant to chemicals used in agriculture.
  • Latching Insert Strong latching arrangement helps easy removal of flow path insert. Prevents snap-off under pressure fluctuations.
  • Barbed Outlet Suitable for 4 mm ID extension tubing to allow correct placement of water flow
  • colour-coded Insert Colour-coded insert facilitates easy identification of emitter flow rate.
  • Nominal operating pressure 1 kg/cm². Can be used for other pressure ratings after consulting company representative and with due care for filtration.
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