Maple EM 1 Environ

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Maple EM 1 Environ presents the most effective and simple way of de odorizing municipal solid waste and convert Biodegradables into useful/safe disposable waste which can be used as compost.

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 The greatest benefit of Maple EM.1 Environ is that it consists of a unique consortium of microbes which instantaneously convert the microbial ecology of any decomposing waste heap from a degenerative type into a regenerative type. The advantages are complete control of pathogenic microbes, fly/ mosquito multiplication and foul smell from waste.


Decentralized Application

  • Application at each and every household for in-situ composting of Kitchen waste (degradable). This will be helpful in areas where there is no daily household collection of waste by municipality.
  • Community waste treatment to convert biodegradable into useful compost for small communities of 10-15 houses.

Intermittent Treatment:

Treatment at secondary waste collection points. This will avoid foul odor during transportation, minimize fly and mosquito menace for the localities.

Centralized Application

Application at waste treatment plants. This reduces the composting period and help produce better quality compost.

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