Millet Madurai Idly 400Gg

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Kodo Millet Madurai idly is a traditional and authentic delicacy from Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The idlies are soft, fluffy, spongy and taste delicious. They are light on your body but fills your stomach and keeps you energetic.

Apart from the absolutely delicious taste they come with a range of health benefits of Kodo millet including high protein content, a rich source of minerals, high fiber content which helps in easy digestion, reduces cholesterol and prevents cardio vascular diseases, low Glycemic Index helps in weight management & control of diabetes. This product is naturally gluten free. This pack of 400 grams of dried powder can make 25 idlies to serve 5 people.


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1)Authentic and traditional recipe.

2)Easy and simple to cook: Just add sour curds and water and steam the batter in idly vessel for 10-12 minutes to make idlies.

3)Super Food: Gluten-free, Low GI, High Fibre, Nutritious & High Protein - Helps in weight loss & Diabetes

4)This pack of 400 grams dry mix serves 5 or makes 25 Idlies (serving suggestions only)

5)Chemical-free & Sin free food: 100% Natural ingredients, no preservatives, no raising agents, no acidity regulators | Body, Earth & Farmer Friendly. Made from Organic & Naturally Farmed Millets.


How to Use

Add 1 measure of MIX to 1 measure of water and 1/2 measure of sour curd and mix well to form batter. Keep aside for 5 minutes. Steam the batter in idly vessel for 10-12 minutes. Serve hot.


Health benefits of Kodo millet includes low Glycemic Index, excellent anti-oxidant properties, high fibre content which helps in weight management, diabetes, easy digestion and gut health. Helps to reduce cholesterol and prevents cardio vascular diseases. Kodo millets contain Lecithin which helps in strengthening the nervous system. Kodo millets are a rich source of vitamin B, B6, folic acid and niacin. They also contain minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc & Potassium.


Allergen info: manufactured in a place that handles nuts and spices.

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