Return Gift, Pack of 6 Tree Seed Balls. Set of 40 Boxes (Print language English)

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The Perfect Return Gift for All events

Pack of 6 Tree Seed balls

Set of 40 Boxes

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Seeds List - randomly Mixed: Bael Tree, Manila Tamarind Tree, White Teak Tree, Neem Tree, Siris Tree, Albizia odoratissima, Soundal tree, Tamarind Tree, Indian Beech Tree, Indian Tulip Tree, Mahua Tree, Indian Jujube, Indian Fig Tree, Banyan Tree, pipal tree, sandalwood tree, peacock flower (any 6)

What is Seedball?

It is a set of seeds that have been wrapped in a mixture of clay and cow dung manure and then dried after forming balls. The seeds stay intact inside the seed ball and are safe from insects and birds. The seeds start to germinate when there is enough water and sunlight.

How to Use Seedball?

Dig a 1-inch deep pit in your backyard or garden, and put the seed balls. If you water it thrice a week, the seed balls will grow well.

Why Seed Balls?

According to the UN survey, there were 3 lakh 4 thousand and crore trees in the Earth. But 46% of the trees have been cut since the origin of human civilization.

Even now, 1530 crores of trees are missing from our Earth. At the same time, every year 500 crores of new trees are grown by human efforts and by natural means. However, we still lose 1,030 crores of trees every year. This calculation shows how many trees do we need to grow every year. Based on the human census, there are about 405 trees for every single person on our Earth. Comparing to this survey, the state in India is even worse, where only 28 trees per person are available. A small green initiative towards this goal is all about Seedball.

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