Tapti Booster 500 ml

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 "Tapti Energy - Organic Plant Growth Booster and Soil Fertility Booster"  .

 Tapti Energy is a innovative internationally patented natural product of joint research of Navasari Agriculture University and NAIP National Agricultural Innovation Project India.


(Patent, PCTIB2012053268, 1609/ MUM/2011).


It is the only environmentally safe and effective fertilizer which has a zero toxin toxicology report .


Tapti Energy is approved by ICAR and NABARD for agriculture use .


Proven track record of high yield and increase in soil fertility .



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 Tapti Energy is one stop solution for all plant nutrients needs. It has all the ingredients necessary for all plants – farm crop , horticulture and plantation crops . In addition to the necessary NPK , it has all the necessary micro nutrients and high count of plant beneficial bacteria .


It  Provides- N, P,K, Carbon, Ca, Mg, S, Mn, Cu, Zn, Fe and Organic carbon.


Bio-Chemical- Phenol, Urease. GA3, Cytokinin. Microbes- PSB, Rhizobium, Azotobactor,anti Fungal bacteria in  high count.


The cost benefit of using Tapti Energy is high as a single fertilizer product , it meets all the nutrient needs of all the crops and there is no need of buying different nutrients for drip or foliar or fertigation . It is most effective way of reducing cost of farming ,means more profit for the farmer .


Benefits -


² Overall growth and boosts immune system of plant and roots.


² Can be used as a foliar and fertigation .


² Reduces fruit drop , increases fruit size and setting .


² Ideal for nursery use - fast growth and rooting of sapling .


² Aids in root development and strength .


² 25 % Increase in yield of crops and orchards.


² Most cost effective and efficient method of giving ample nutrition to all plants .


² There is no need to add any other fertilizer, it is the most economical and only solution for the farmer and home gardens.


² For Green house Farmers, an ideal product for overall efficiency and effectiveness, its is a Urea and DAP substitute .




Available in 0.5 ltr ,1.0 ltr, 5.0 ltr, 10 ltr and 20.0 ltr packing.


The logistics of supply will be as per requirement of the customer .






Dosage -Foliar and Fertigation 4 to 5 ml per liter of water.


                Drip - 1500 to 2000 ml per acre.








A natural Banana Sap extract containing Macro and micro Nutrients, Humic acid ,Amino acid ,GA3, Cytokinin’s and traces of Phenol & Naturally occurring microorganisms  PSB ,Rhizobium, Azotobactor and  anti fungal microorganism .








100 % Pure organic Banana Sap  Extract Fertilizer and protector.


Contains NPK  ,organic Carbon and other micro nutrients.


Cost effective and efficient all nutrient provider .


Contains naturally occurring growth promoters.


Reduces fruit drop and increases fruit size and setting.


It is growth booster and helps in nursery plants.


It promotes growth of flowers and maximum conversion of flowers into fruits and pods.


Enhances vigorous root development and growth .


Suitable for all crops and all climatic conditions.


Fights plant stress in times of drought and flood.


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