Verticure 1kg

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Verticure (Verticillium Lecanii) is the finest solution for pest problems in Greenhouse/agricultural farming. It helps in controlling Red Spider Mites, Aphids, White Flies and Mealy Bugs. It can be applied on all ornamental crops and vegetables in greenhouses, landscapes, nurseries, and agricultural farms.


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Method of Application:

Seeds: Mix 40-60gm of Verticure in 100ml of water. Soak 1kg of seeds in this mixture for 5-10 minutes.

Roots: Mix 40gm of Verticure in 1 litre water. Dip the roots in this mixture for 5-10 minutes.

Bio-nutrients:  Mix 2-3kg of Verticure with 1 ton of bio-nutrients and keep aside for 5-10 days, and apply directly to the crops.

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