Zamia Calcus Zenzi Plant

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Zamifolia or ZZ plant is one of the easy to grow houseplants that are long-lasting, affordable and needs least maintenance. This is probably the best plant for the first time plant owner.

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ZZ plant is a flowering plant but the flower comes very rarely. This plant is famous for its wide, dark green, oval-shaped glossy leaves. It propagates easily but grows slowly. This plant lives for a long time and can grow up to 2-4 feet indoor. It has potato-like root under each stem which is called rhizomes; which stores water and helps the plant to withstand drought.


This plant should be fertilized every 6 months with a water-soluble reported fertilizer. To avoid root damage, fertilizer should not be applied when the soil is dry. Wait for at least 3-4 months before fertilizing a new plant. For better growth, it should be repotted once a year.


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